Here's why Steam Game prices are increasing in India

Here’s why Steam Game prices are increasing in India

Steam PC games are about to become more costly, according to a revision to Valve’s regional pricing feature, which shows recommended prices for titles in all supported currencies. The game developer has increased the recommended price for PC games on Steam in all countries other than the US, including India. As a consequence of this change, prices for PC games on Steam in India are expected to jump by up to 85 percent.

The new regional pricing on Steam is projected to increase the cost of PC games in India. Valve’s regional pricing tool has been updated, with new, higher rates for all currencies supported outside of the United States. In India, expenditures are expected to climb by 85 percent in order to keep up with the constantly increasing inflation that is now wreaking havoc on the game distribution business. A PC game that formerly cost Rs. 1,299 will now cost Rs. 2,400 on Steam. To be clear, the price increase does not reflect the game’s true pricing on Steam. They are rather recommendations for developers, who have total pricing control.