Apple's new iCloud web interface is much more helpful than the previous one

Apple’s new iCloud web interface is much more helpful than the previous one

Although iCloud has been accessible on the web for some time, you may not have hurried to utilize it due to its simple and occasionally clumsy design. However, you may have a cause to reconsider. Apple has released a beta iCloud web interface that displays significantly more information at a glance and has a customizable tile configuration that matches your preferences. Launchers on the home page and menu bar make switching between programs quicker, and another menu option allows you to rapidly begin activities (such as drafting an email or adding calendar events).

The redesign also makes it easier to use iCloud+ features like custom email domains and Hide My Email. If you’re worried about losing data, a “Data Recovery” program may help you recover bookmarks, calendars, contacts, and iCloud Drive items erased within the past 30 days. With the exception of iCloud Drive, you may restore from certain points in time. Some capabilities, such as Family Sharing, HomeKit Secure Video, and Private Relay, must still be accessed through Apple devices.

Apple has not said when the new iCloud web interface will be released from beta testing. We’ve reached out to the business for comment and will keep you updated if we hear back. However, the tech company positions this as an improvement for users whose sole Apple device is an iPhone – you can more easily access content and control services via the browser on your Windows PC.

This revamp is unlikely to convince Android users to switch, and the individual web applications haven’t altered much. However, the beta may persuade you to stay inside the Apple ecosystem. When combined with online access to services like Music and TV+, it demonstrates Apple’s eagerness to entice consumers who can’t (or don’t want to) run specialized applications on their preferred platforms.

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