Here Are The Three Website Features People Will Value Your Site Most For

Here Are The Three Website Features People Will Value Your Site Most For

There’s so much you can do with your website these days. And what’s more, you don’t have to be a professional designer or developer to do them either. 

There are dozens of website builders out there at the moment that can help you build sites in minutes from the likes of Wix to Duda (, who have really gone from strength to strength in helping businesses level up their sites. And they offer so many features. In fact, so many you may end up missing out on the features people really value.

So, what are they?

Lots Of Contact Info…Everywhere

You never know which page a user is going to land on organically, so having the opportunity to easily contact you is an absolute must. People value the fact that you’re approachable, even online, and the best way to show this is through lots of contact information.

It can be incredibly simple from a phone number or contact form at the foot of each page, to calls-to-action throughout pages or at the foot of them. 

More and more businesses these days are opting for live chat functions. And that’s for good reason. 90% of consumers rate having an immediate response as incredibly important and it’s proven to have an impact on improving sales. Most website builders can integrate this feature into even the most simple of websites these days, while there are many third-party tools that also offer live chat.


People want to know what others think of you, so why don’t you showcase the good work you’ve done through your previous customers’ reactions and thoughts of your business. Testimonials can come in all shapes and sizes on websites. You can go as grand as having full case studies with a page dedicated to them, going into the nitty gritty of how you helped them.

Then there’s the option for video, which can have a great impact as they can prove particularly engaging. While it can also be as simple as placing user reviews on a product page, starred ratings, or small quotes and attaching them to a customer on a homepage or service page. There are so many ways of doing it, both large and small, yet they can prove so effective.

Showcase Yourselves

While people want to know what others think of you, they also want to establish their own thoughts. A website with no information on your brand, your team, or any of your values will feel a little robotic, and users will find it difficult to establish a connection with you.

Your values and tone of voice should be consistent throughout your website, but a good way to showcase who you are is through an in-depth “about us” page. It’s here you can really show you are, introduce your team and allow users to see their personalities. It’s a way to humanize your brand, the website, and at the very least the people that are creating the content and doing the hard work behind the scenes.

People engage with that. People engage with people, not machines, which is why this is such a crucial part of building a solid website and most importantly brand.