Google App and the Google Chrome App - What's the difference?

Google App and the Google Chrome App – What’s the difference?

Usually, when you acquire an Android smartphone, you will find two applications that sound the same, and they are – Google and Google Chrome.

Essentially, both applications originate from the same developer and parent company – Google, and although it may appear to counterintuitive to have them both on your smartphone, it is really a good idea. In this post, we will explain you the difference between the Google app and the Google Chrome app.


Google app and the Google Chrome app


The Google app essentially is the Google search engine compressed into a mobile application. When you open the app, you will see the following features –

  1. Google Searchbox – This is the all too familiar search bar that you will see on the desktop browser, and even on the widget. Over the years, the search box has become the unofficial symbol of Google, and this is where you can type in your search queries related to basically any topic under the sun.
  2. Voice Search – The voice search feature allows you to perform searches on Google using voice input. Over the years, the voice search feature has evolved significantly, and today, when you search for something using voice search, the Google Assistant responds back as if in a conversation.
  3. Image search – You can search for images directly on the Google app, and see the results appear in a well organized, full-page grid.

Now, while you can actually browse the web using the Google app, you are restricted to just the Google search results. There is no provision to actually enter a website, or open multiple tabs. You can only browse and open Google search results, and that is all.

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Google app and the Google Chrome app
Google App


The Google Chrome app, in comparison, is a full-fledged smartphone browser. Based on the popular Desktop version, the smartphone version of the Google Chrome browser features almost all of the features that you know and love and allows you to access the full stretch of the internet in just the palm of your hand.

Features like multiple tabs, incognito mode browsing, bookmarking as well as media playback, are all possible on the Google Chrome app.


 Google app and the Google Chrome app
Google Chrome app


You can download both these apps for free via the links given below.

Google App for Android – Click Here

Google Chrome for Android – Click Here

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