GM Hits Pause on Chevy Blazer EV Sales Due to Software Woes

GM Hits Pause on Chevy Blazer EV Sales Due to Software Woes

General Motors (GM) just hit the brakes on the Chevy Blazer EV, putting a stop-sale order in place shortly after its recent launch. The reason? Software glitches that are giving drivers a major headache, making their new rides practically useless. It’s a bold move by GM, showing they’re serious about making sure their customers get a smooth ride.

Reports started pouring in, with Edmunds documenting a whopping 23 issues during their tests of the SUV. Imagine your car’s fancy infotainment system crashing repeatedly and throwing error messages at you. Even Kevin Williams from Inside EVs had a tough time, dealing with the same display problems and getting stuck when his Blazer EV decided to take a break while charging.

Chevrolet owned up to the hiccup, saying, “Yeah, we know some Blazer EV owners are having software troubles.” To sort things out and keep their customers happy, they’ve hit the pause button on Blazer EV sales. Scott Bell, the VP, made it clear – no new deliveries until they sort out the software gremlins.

Under the hood, the Blazer EV rocks GM’s Ultium battery system, the same powerhouse found in the GMC Hummer EV and the Cadillac Lyriq. But, hold your horses, these siblings have had their share of complaints too. GM wants everyone to know, though, that the Blazer’s problems aren’t about safety or issues with Ultium or Google Built-In, according to a GM spokesperson chatting with TechCrunch.

So, there you have it – GM slamming on the brakes to iron out the kinks and ensure that the Blazer EV delivers the smooth, glitch-free ride everyone was expecting.