How to delete apps on MacBook

How to delete apps on MacBook

After years of use, our MacBooks tend to get a bit…messy. You download new apps left and right from the App Store trying out the latest and greatest. Before you know it, your Mac is cluttered with programs you rarely or never actually use!

So every so often it’s smart to declutter your MacBook by removing unused apps. But before wildly uninstalling stuff, take a minute to consider each program.

Ask yourself:

  • When was the last time I opened this app?
  • Would it be a hassle to reinstall if I wanted it later?
  • Is it taking up a ton of storage space?

If the answer to all three is basically “I dunno, not really”, then it’s probably safe to delete! Just be sure to empty the Trash afterwards so the app is fully removed.

Now let’s talk about the HOW when it comes to uninstalling MacBook apps…

Using Finder or Spotlight

Finder and Spotlight are handy built-in Mac tools that help locate files and programs.

In Finder, click Applications in the sidebar to view all your downloaded apps. Here you can right click on any app and select Move to Trash.


How to delete apps on MacBook


Or use Spotlight Search (click the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner) to instantly find apps. Just press-and-hold Command while double clicking the app, then drag it directly to the Trash.

For full uninstall, open the Trash folder and click Empty. Then enter your admin username and password when prompted.

Via Launchpad

You can also delete apps using Launchpad – just pinch closed on your trackpad using thumb and three fingers to open it up. Launchpad displays all your apps in one easily scrollable grid.

Tap and hold the Option key while clicking any app icon until they all start wiggling. Then click the “X” on unwanted apps to remove them. Unlike the Finder method, Launchpad deletes apps instantly without needing the Trash step.

And there you have it! A tidy MacBook with more storage freed up and less visual clutter so you can actually find programs. Remember to re-evaluate old apps once in awhile and remove the unnecessary ones. Happy cleaning!