IP Datagram

Meaning – The term IP datagram, refers to the fundamental unit of information transmitted through the internet. It contains the source and destination addresses, user data, and control information such as the length of the datagram, the header checksum, and flags indicating whether the datagram can be or has been fragmented.

The term datagram is a combination of the words data and telegram. Essentially, you can define a datagram as a message containing the desired data, that is sent from one user to another user.

A datagram is similar to a packet but does not require confirmation that it has been received. This makes datagrams ideal for streaming services, where the constant flow of data is more important than 100% accuracy.

Example of usage“Each and every device that is connected to the internet, contains an IP address, which serves as a unique identifier. Whenever data is transmitted via the Internet protocol, it is broken up into packets or datagrams, which each contain a header plus the actual data transmitted.”