Gamers baffled as Warzone's silliest glitch makes its way to Modern Warfare 3

Gamers baffled as Warzone’s silliest glitch makes its way to Modern Warfare 3

It looks like the glitches keep coming for Modern Warfare 3, and this time, it seems like the glitch that had the majority of the fanbase baffled in Call of Duty Warzone, has made its way to Modern Warfare 3. The glitch we are talking about is the one in which players were able to run even when their character is crouching. Yes, this means, even if your character is lying flat on his belly, you can still do a full sprint. Not only is this funny, but also embarrassing for a franchise that seeks to be the best in its genre.

The glitch, which has nicknamed ‘The Snake Glitch’, was reported by Modern Warfare 3 users, and this time, it looks like it has come back with a vengeance. The developers were quick o take note of the same and issued an official announcement that they are currently working on a fix for this glitch on priority. However, while the developers are scratching their heads on bringing a fix, gamers have uploaded their funny encounters of this glitch on Youtube and some of the clips are just plain hilarious.