Gameplay of Hell Let Loose Flamethrower Revealed Before Winter Update

Gameplay of Hell Let Loose Flamethrower Revealed Before Winter Update

Hell Let Loose has unveiled gameplay for the new flamethrower weapon that will be added in Update 13 ahead of its impending winter update. Hell Let Loose is a World War II-themed first-person shooter in which players compete in massive 100-player tournaments with a tactical overarching meta-game. The game has been progressively building towards Update 13, which will contain a new map, new cosmetics, and a flaming new weapon – the flamethrower – with a packed release schedule.

The newest Hell Let Loose Developer Briefing on Steam displays Update 13’s new flamethrowers in action, as unveiled on the Hell Let Loose Twitter page, offering gamers a first glance at the new weaponry. The flamethrowers coming to Hell Let Loose’s final 2022 update, as outlined in the briefing, will be capable of up to 20 seconds of sustained fire before needing to be refuelled, and they will set foes and surrounds alike on fire, delivering damage to anybody caught in the inferno. The briefing depicts two models: the US M2-2 Flamethrower and the German Flammenwerfer41, both of which need Support role level 10 on their respective sides. Along with the flamethrower, the briefing unveiled Molotovs, a thrown weapon accessible to the Soviet group at tiers 6 and 9, respectively, as well as a new vehicle, the jeep.

Along with the new terrain and outfits unveiled in a recent briefing for the Hell Let Loose upgrade, Update 13’s new weaponry and vehicles are set to shake up the game significantly. Hell Let Loose has maintained a consistent supply of new content with past upgrades, offering its player base new weapons, levels, vehicles, and cosmetics. While Update 13 will be the game’s last update of 2022, completing the ambitious 2022 roadmap, its creators are already planning the game’s first 2023 update.

Although no release date has been given for Update 13, it has been promised for 2022, and with all stated material now disclosed, as well as the announcement of a test period on the game’s PTE (Public Test Environment), it seems that Update 13 is approaching completion. However, the end of 2022 brings additional content for gamers to look forward to, as Hell Let Loose’s 2023 Commonwealth Forces Update offers a “new theatre of battle” to the game. While specifics about the 2023 update are few, additional information will almost certainly be available after the release of Update 13.

Hell Let Loose is ready to keep its player base interested in the long term, with a busy release calendar and ambitious roadmaps. After previewing all previously announced material for the forthcoming Update 13, the game is preparing for its next release and will continue to add new content until 2023. Hell Let Loose’s Update 13 is set to conclude 2022 in a blaze of glory, with new weaponry and vehicles on the way.