For the time being, World of Warcraft has banned Dracthyr Warriors and other classes

Blizzard Entertainment has no plans to introduce more classes to the new Dracthyr race in the foreseeable future, which will upset World of Warcraft gamers. The Dracthyr, along with the new Evoker Hero Class, have been accessible for players in Dragonflight since November 15, and many have already levelled their Dracthyr all the way to Level 60, anxiously anticipating the introduction of the next expansion when the path to the Dragon Isles opens in earnest.

The Evoker is the first Hero Class added to World of Warcraft since Legion, although, unlike Demon Hunters, the Evoker can only be Dracthyr, and the Dracthyr can only be Evokers. According to Blizzard Entertainment, the new Hero Class and new race are inextricably linked in ways that no other prior classes have been, and as a result, players should not expect alternative class possibilities for the Dracthyr in the future.

Pat Dawson, World of Warcraft’s Production Director, remarked in an interview with PCGamesN that the Evoker and Dracthyr were too dependent on one other as ideas to enable additional classes for the Dracthyr. Though this does not definitely exclude Dracthyr-inspired Allied Races that could enable Warriors and other classes, it does sound very damning for anybody hoping to play a Dracthyr Hunter in the near future.

Interestingly, despite Dawson’s statements, the game contains audio files for Dracthyr classes other than the Evoker, although this might be a vestige of an abandoned idea from an earlier version of Dragonflight. The choice to limit Dracthyr to only one class is undoubtedly controversial in the World of Warcraft community, as many players secretly hoped that Blizzard would introduce more classes in a Dragonflight content patch or the expansion that followed.

World of Warcraft has progressed well beyond its humble origins, and as a result, it makes logical that Blizzard attempts to give something fresh with the Dracthyr with the introduction of Allied Races in Battle for Azeroth. Though this method is admirable, World of Warcraft gamers feels that, despite eliminating the prospect of Dracthyr being in other classes, this option will not last long owing to a simple fact: the benefits of confining Dracthyr to Evoker are minor when compared to the alternative.

World of Warcraft is now accessible on PC. Dragonflight will be available on November 28th.