File Size and Pre-Load Date for One Piece Odyssey Revealed

File Size and Pre-Load Date for One Piece Odyssey Revealed

Fans now know precisely how much space they need to leave aside for One Piece Odyssey, a new turn-based RPG based on the hugely famous anime/manga property, as well as when they may download it. As far as anime game adaptations go, One Piece Odyssey seems to be getting a lot more attention for a number of reasons.

One Piece Odyssey provides a unique plot rather than adapting known storylines from anime and manga. Its turn-based combat is also gaining popularity, since many anime game adaptations are fighting games, including several One Piece games. One Piece Odyssey’s visuals, big game environment, and other features all add up to what may be one of 2023’s first must-play games, and thankfully, it won’t take up too much hard drive space.



According to the Twitter account PlayStation Game Size, One Piece Odyssey will be 31.823 GB on PlayStation 4, while the PS5 version will be significantly lower at 29.405 GB. There are no explanations as to why the PS4 version of One Piece Odyssey is bigger than the PS5 version. While details are unclear at the time of writing, the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X One Piece Odyssey file sizes are anticipated to be similar. PlayStation Game Size also stated that the pre-load for One Piece Odyssey will begin on January 11, so fans can ensure that the game is ready to play when it launches on January 13.

One Piece fans will get the opportunity to play One Piece Odyssey before it officially launches on January 13th. On January 10, a One Piece Odyssey demo will be released, with demo progress transferring over to the full game. If the One Piece Odyssey sample is engaging enough, it’s simple to see how it may persuade folks on the fence to purchase the game. If, on the other hand, the demo is underwhelming, it may turn off those who were already going to purchase the game.

In any case, it’ll be fascinating to see how One Piece Odyssey is accepted. It shares a release date with the next-generation edition of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, so anime game enthusiasts will have to pick a choice this week.