Healing Potion Ingredients Revealed by Hogwarts Legacy

Healing Potion Ingredients Revealed by Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has disclosed the ingredients needed to make a potion that would restore their health in a tweet. The potion and its components have a long history in the Harry Potter universe, so eager followers of Hogwarts Legacy may recognise them.

Many features of Hogwarts Legacy and its potions have become public knowledge as the game’s release date approaches. With the recent disclosure of the name of the Hogwarts Legacy Herbolology Professor, more and more knowledge about magical plants and their purposes is being published. The name and components of a potion that restores health were disclosed in a recent post from the Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account.



To recover their health while playing Hogwarts Legacy, players will need to prepare the Wiggenweld potion. A single drop of Horklump Juice, a batch of Dittany Leaves, plus a base bottle of Wiggenweld potion make up the potion. Players may mix these ingredients in a cauldron to make a consumable Wiggenweld potion that can be used to restore health throughout their travels. It is possible that players may be able to purchase the potion from locales in Hogwarts Legacy such as Hogsmeade or other in-game merchants, however, this has not been verified.

The Wiggenweld potion has a lengthy history in the Harry Potter universe, most notably being consumed by Harry prior to him and Albus Dumbledore exploring a coastal cave in quest of Lord Voldemort’s Horcrux. It has a history of recovering health and stamina, thus it stands to reason that it will be the main mechanism through which Hogwarts Legacy players may regain their health. There are many allusions to Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy, such as the chance to combat Trolls or encounter Peeves the Poltergeist bothering younger pupils, and older fans of the series will enjoy them.

Even though it was obvious from the start that healing potions would play a significant role in Hogwarts Legacy, many fans were pleasantly surprised to learn that they would take the shape of a beloved memento from the Harry Potter series. Other parallels, like a suspected reference to Tom Riddle’s Hogwarts notebook, create a picture of Hogwarts Legacy diving into darker tones and deadly adventures, both of which would need the creation of hundreds of Wiggenweld potions.

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