Fallout 4 Project Transforms Spectacle Island Into a City

Fallout 4 Project Transforms Spectacle Island Into a City

Anyone who has visited Spectacle Island in Fallout 4 will be impressed by a recent fan project that has expanded the settlement and essentially turned the island into a fully populated city. Bethesda has created and published numerous games throughout the years, but the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series are the most well-known. The in-depth lore and massive quantity of material that keeps people playing for hours is one of the reasons the company’s popular titles are so revered.

While many consider Fallout: New Vegas to be the superior entry in the post-apocalyptic RPG franchise, the fourth installment has a lot going for it. To begin with, it incorporates base-building elements, which give players more to do in between missions as they uncover villages and create secure places for people to dwell. As a result, Fallout 4 appears to be more expansive, but one guy has taken the concept of establishing a settlement to its logical conclusion.

User spectacleislander recently uploaded a series of photographs from a Fallout 4 project they’ve been working on on Reddit. According to the article, they’ve been working on a “massive city” on Spectacle Island, which not only adds lore, buildings, a road system, and a neighbourhood, but also physically increases the titular island. This present phase demonstrates the amazing work that is being done on this project, which is aided in part by the fact that spectacleislander is a professional urban designer. A map on the creator’s website displays how much work has been completed thus far. It’s unclear whether this will be made available for others to explore at the time of writing, although spectacleislander has promised a walkthrough tour of the city at some point.

For those who haven’t played Fallout 4, Spectacle Island is only one of several hidden destinations. It was once home to an eccentric rich who want their own private island replete with mansion, according to legend. In the vanilla game, players can use it as a town, but due to its location just off the mainland on the map’s southeastern corner, it can be difficult to get safely.

With Fallout 5 in the works, the long-running franchise continues apace. While 2018’s Fallout 76 was a huge disappointment for many fans, Bethesda hasn’t been deterred from creating a new story. Hopefully, the next game will sit comfortably alongside the series’ other notable installments.