Explore the Mystical World of the Emerald Dream in WoW's Patch 10.2
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Explore the Mystical World of the Emerald Dream in WoW’s Patch 10.2

Discover New Lands, Lore, and Friends in Guardians of the Dream

World of Warcraft enthusiasts are in for a treat with the much-anticipated Patch 10.2, titled “Guardians of the Dream.” In this update, the game introduces the mystical realm of the Emerald Dream, promising players a rich tapestry of new content to explore.

A recent blog post by World of Warcraft offers a sneak peek into the breathtaking landscapes and hidden wonders awaiting adventurers within the Emerald Dream. The post delves into the lore of this enigmatic realm and the significance of the World Tree that thrives within its borders. It also showcases key landmarks and introduces the various inhabitants, both allies and adversaries, that players will encounter. To top it all off, the post includes a tantalizing video that provides a visual and auditory feast of the new area, complete with excerpts from the update’s captivating soundtrack.