Experience audiophile-level sound with Drop's compact desktop speakers at an affordable price

Experience audiophile-level sound with Drop’s compact desktop speakers at an affordable price

Drop is best known for their mechanical keyboards, but the business also boasts an outstanding line of audio hardware. Typically, they take the shape of headphones and headsets developed in collaboration with other manufacturers such as Sennheiser and HiFiMAN. The new BMR1s, on the other hand, are a fully in-house developed set of desktop near field monitors.

These monitors are designed in-house by Drop and rely on balanced mode radiators (hence the BMR tag) instead of traditional conical drivers. This means they can deliver a wider frequency response and are less prone to breakup, though the trade-off is a bit of a loss in bass response. However, Drop does offer the option to connect a subwoofer for the more low end. The BMR1s also have force-cancelling radiators to help limit distortions and can be arranged horizontally or vertically with minimal change to the acoustic response. Plus, they come with customizable magnetic grills for personalization.

These monitors are targeted towards gamers and those looking to upgrade their PC audio setup, but they may not be ideal for primary music listening or as studio monitors. They have a frequency range of 80Hz to 24kHz and a total harmonic distortion rating of 0.40% at 1kHz. They’re also reasonably small and can be connected via 3.5mm audio jack or Bluetooth, with a headphone out jack for quiet listening. The BMR1s are available for preorder now with an expected delivery in late February or early March, and they’re reasonably priced at $129.

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