LG's 97-Inch M3 TV: Wirelessly Receive 4K 120Hz Video with Ease

LG’s 97-Inch M3 TV: Wirelessly Receive 4K 120Hz Video with Ease

LG hasn’t finished presenting its 2023 OLED TV lineup. LG has announced the 97-inch Signature OLED M3, the company’s first TV to feature Zero Connect wireless video and audio broadcasts. By plugging your devices into a huge external box, you can stream a 4K 120Hz image to the TV from up to 30 feet away without having to run unsightly cords directly into the set. While the method isn’t entirely wireless, it does allow you to conceal your media players and gaming consoles.

The technology should be able to withstand real-world application. LG says their system reduces interruptions caused by people and dogs moving around the room, and our quick test at CES confirmed this. People were strolling between the M3 and the Zero Connect box with no discernible effect on signal quality. You can spin the antenna to face the TV and handle it with voice commands, so you shouldn’t have to worry about positioning.

What about additional specifics? LG didn’t reveal much more, although the M3 has an integrated mount that allows the TV to rest almost flat against the wall. It won’t have the same bragging rights as the 8K-ready Z3 range as a 4K set. However, that isn’t completely the objective – the goal here is to create a beautiful living room arrangement rather than to have the highest specifications.

The M3, like LG’s previous CES TV announcements, has no pricing or availability information. Given the size and wireless video technology, we’d anticipate it to be expensive. This is meant to be the focal point of a sophisticated home theatre, and it will most certainly be priced appropriately.