Exclusive Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Versions Leak Online

Exclusive Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Versions Leak Online

New Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks have surfaced online, showcasing the majority of the version exclusives included in the two separate versions of the game. Several leaks concerning Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have occurred in recent days, as more and more gamers began to share in-game images from their early copies, screenshots from ROMs, and datamine information about every single facet of the games. Every Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starting evolution that has been revealed so far has been proven to be genuine, and they also match the kinds provided by Riddler Khu months ago.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Paradox Salamence and Paradox Tyranitar also received a lot of attention when they were initially revealed, with the former, known as Roaring Moon, gaining popularity owing to its higher basic stats than any other Paradox Pokemon in Gen 9. However, significant concern remains over the version exclusives for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which The Pokemon Company did not fully divulge prior to launch, leaving gamers in the dark about which version to purchase.

Today, YouTuber and content producer Austin John Plays produced a video and a Twitter post including every Pokemon Scarlet and Violet edition exclusive, which may aid people who are still undecided about which version to purchase. The list presently contains Pokemon that have been verified to be version-exclusive, such as Armarouge and Ceruledge, the Tyranitar and Salamence lines, and Stonjourner and Eiscue for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, respectively. Scarlet exclusives include Oranguru, the Skuntank line, Drifblim, Hydreigon, and Dragalge lines, as well as Koraidon and Great Tusk.

Passimian, the Swalot line, the Mismagius line, the Dragapult line, the Clawitzer line, and lastly Miraidon and Iron Treads are the Pokemon Violet exclusives. It’s worth mentioning that Austin John Plays only included animals that The Pokemon Company has publicly disclosed in this list, which means that every Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet isn’t featured. Apart from Great Tusk, Pokemon Scarlet will only feature the following paradox Pokemon: Flutter Mane, Scream Tail, Slither Wing, Sandy Shocks, Brute Bonnet, and Roaring Moon. Iron Treads, Iron Moth, Iron Hands, Iron Bundle, Iron Jugulis, Iron Thorns, and Iron Valiant are among the Pokemon Violet.

As a result, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have at least 23 version-exclusive Pokemon, with more expected to be introduced in the coming days. Nonetheless, Dragapult’s Violet exclusivity makes it more desirable for players who don’t have one from Pokemon Home, since it remains one of the most powerful pseudo-Legendaries released to date. Choosing one’s favourite version in Pokemon games is always challenging, but Gen 9 made it more difficult due to a lack of knowledge on which Pokemon are in the game, but that is likely to change in a matter of days.