Earn cash for ideas from Google Prizes.

Slide a social entertainment company acquired by Google and now works within the parent company has come up with cash rewarding service that gives cash based on ideas that is in turn generated from users ,in short paid service for getting ideas from people. Users can create a contest and also declare a cash award with time period to get the ideas rolling from users.The service is similar to fiverr.com and Google’s own answers which was discontinued 4 years after the launch . People create contests on Prizes.org with real money bounties for anything they need, ranging from creating press release, domain name suggestions,need for cat pictures,writing poems to in fact naming a new born minimum prize is 10$ for a contest.Inspite being a Google product you will find Facebook and twitter login screen and no Google login yet.Crowdsourcing is a method already being used in sites like 99design.com and innocentive.com and if prizes.org is just another platform to implement this and only difference is it’s a GOOGLE product.

For more info visit Prizes.org.