Earn cash for ideas from Google Prizes

Earn cash for ideas from Google Prizes

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Slide, a social entertainment company acquired by Google in 2010, has recently launched a new cash-rewarding service called Prizes.org that incentivizes users to contribute ideas. Essentially, it allows people to post contests offering monetary prizes in exchange for creative ideas, solutions, or content from the Prizes.org community.

Earn cash for ideas from Google Prizes

For example, a user could offer $100 for the best suggestions on naming their new startup company. Or someone might provide a $50 prize for funny cat photos. The minimum prize is $10, but the sky’s the limit for the amounts contest creators want to offer. Participants then submit their entries before a set deadline, hoping to win the prizes.

This monetization of crowdsourced content is similar to existing services like the freelance marketplace Fiverr.com and Google’s own now-defunct Answers product. However, Prizes.org seems to focus more on generating fun, creative ideas rather than technical tasks. Contest categories range from press releases and logo designs to poems and baby name ideas.

Interestingly, Prizes.org does not yet support Google login. Instead, it offers integration with Facebook and Twitter accounts. This is a bit ironic given it comes from the Google/Slide team, but may help leverage existing social media connections to attract users.

In any case, Prizes.org is the latest attempt to implement the crowdsourcing model where many people contribute ideas and the best get rewarded. Other popular examples include design contest site 99Designs and innovation platform Innocentive. The key difference here is Prizes.org’s backing by Google and focus on more casual, everyday creative ideas instead of intensive technical solutions. It will be interesting to see if the approach gains traction over time.

For more info visit Prizes.org.