Need a reliable alternative to Google analytics? try Piwik .

Tracking web site statistics like total hits, time spent on a site, traffic sources, no of clicks and other many parameters has never been so easy thanks to Google analytics. Most webmasters, media agencies, online ad networks use Google analytics as their primary tool for web analytics so now the question arises why would you have another tracking tool for measuring your website or blog? Most webmasters will agree to the fact that different web statistics tool do give different stats numbers .The oldest in the web analytics Awstats and its open source alternative JAW stats do give pretty good detail reports. Google analytics do misses some hits delivered on your website and the best reliable hits counter can be found on your server logs or from your AW stats which is built in most Cpanels under logs section but for a better user interface and well categorized web stats there is another very reliable Google analytics alternative Piwik which is open source and just requires you to few files In your web server for online tracking.