Creating the awesome design has never been so easy for even not so pro coders like me thanks to im creator a website dedicated for designers to create simple and advanced HTML5 designs which just involves the task of drag and drop customization.

How does im creator work ?

  1. Visit the website IM creator.
  2. Choose a template design which are broken down to various categories and they have plenty templates in stock.check the one that can create a personal bio or resume.Create HTML 5 powered websites with imcreator even without coding knowledge
  3. For mobile sites they also have ready to use mobile friendly sites.check a simple company mobile template.Create HTML 5 powered websites with imcreator even without coding knowledge
  4. Click on the customize now button on the right corner of the screen.
  5. Then its all about your personal choice and customization , from changing background to adding text it’s  a WYSIWYG editor which means you get to see the actual content while editing that will be published rather than working on source code.They do have finest collection of web-designs available.The designs come with suggested structure and pages. However, you can always change it as you wish and add/delete pagesCreate HTML 5 powered websites with imcreator even without coding knowledge
  6. Hit the publish button, save the website name and you need to register to make your site live and its free the only issue is your site will be labelled as ,if you want your custom domain with unlimited hosting its goanna be a paid site with 7.95 US$ per month and with no footer ads.
  7. To add Google Analytics can also be used with this web-based editor to track your visitors and the sites are mobile and tablet friendly so no adding further codes for supporting other devices.
  8. If you do have any issues while using the site , the support team is in place to resolve any issues on the site just click the “support tab”.
  9. IM-Creator for designers welcomes designers to submit their design to the existing catalog or templates and also create new templates by mailing them design [at ]

IM Creator is quicker and easier to start with but you are to live with the features that are available on the site but you can add more features like social buttons by using the HTML add code feature to add third-party  codes.

The Israel-based company, founded in 2011, claims to have 2,000 paying customers as well as just becoming profitable. IM Creator has raised $300k from friends and family.IM-Creator is powered by Google & Amazon, creating robust and reliable foundations for your website to provide a better solution for your clients & boost your revenue.