Doom Slayer replaces Kratos in God of War Mod

Doom Slayer replaces Kratos in God of War Mod

One inventive modder has replaced the game’s legendary protagonist with id Software’s Doom Slayer because they were sick of witnessing the steadfast Spartan Kratos engaged in combat with the mystical creatures that inhabit the several worlds of Santa Monica Studio’s God of War. This funny recasting is just the latest in a long line of imaginative hacks for the famous action-adventure game God of War, which allows players to take on the roles of everyone from Homer Simpson to footballer Kylian Mbappe.

When God of War was launched on the PlayStation 4 in 2018, it grabbed the gaming world by storm. The game was critically lauded for adding a more mature and emotionally meaningful plot to the ageing series, with an older and wiser (but still gruff and muscular) Kratos fighting through the Nine Realms of Norse mythology with his son Atreus by his side. God of War’s massive popularity resulted in a PC version being published in 2022, followed by the PlayStation-exclusive sequel God of War Ragnarok a few months later. God of War: Ragnarok smashed PlayStation sales records when it was launched in late 2022, outperforming its predecessor.


Doom Slayer has moved to Norse Mythology and became God of Slayer from GodofWar


Winter-Flow showed off a hack for the PC edition of God of War that substitutes Kratos with Doom’s iconic Doom Slayer in a hilarious new video uploaded on the r/GodofWar forum. The Doom Slayer seems to be looking for a change of pace after years of fighting the hordes of Hell, as the video shows him joyfully confronting one of God of War’s Valkyries in a fierce battle. The Doom Slayer, decked up in his legendary armour and carrying the massive demonic Crucible on his back, swiftly dispatches the Valkyrie and makes overcoming one of the game’s most difficult adversaries appear easy.

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The inventive update wowed Redditors who responded to the video, with one player suggesting that the game should be renamed “God of Doom.” Other commentators were keen to instal the Doom Slayer to their copy of God of War, with Winter-Flow kindly offering details on the mod for those who wanted to test it out for themselves. This isn’t the first time id Software’s power-armoured protagonist has appeared in the Nine Realms, however. Another PC mod had the Doom Slayer battling Halo’s Master Chief in the opening sequences of God of War.

This one-of-a-kind mash-up of two of gaming’s strong heroes is guaranteed to make fans of both games grin. While the image of the armoured Doom Slayer rampaging across the snow-shrouded heights of Midgard is certain to frighten the game’s foes, it’s much less distressing than seeing Kratos without his beard.

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