Donkey Kong Country 2 SNES Cartridge Found by HVAC Technician in Vents

An HVAC technician discovers a copy of Donkey Kong Country 2 for the SNES while cleaning up the ducts at one gamer’s home. While anything may get into a home’s ventilation system, game cartridges like this one for Donkey Kong Country 2 are unlikely to be encountered by HVAC specialists.

Donkey Country 2 has been around for over three decades, having been released in 1995. As the sequel to Donkey Kong Country, the platformer replaces Donkey Kong with an adventure in which the player controls Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong. The game capitalised on the success created in the previous Donkey Kong Country game, being highly praised and one of the best-selling SNES titles. A cartridge for this game was recently discovered in an odd location.

A member known as Harrisonwater took to Reddit to disclose an interesting finding made by their HVAC technician. The technician discovered an ancient cartridge of Donkey Kong Country 2 for the SNES while cleaning out the vents at the Reddit user’s home. The Reddit user posted a photo of their unexpected discovery, noting that the cartridge was dirty and a little scuffed up but in good shape overall. They not only displayed the Donkey Kong Country 2 cartridge on Reddit, but they also said that they previously did not own a copy of the famous SNES game, making this discovery much more precious.


HVAC guy cleaned out my vents. Look what was inside from gaming


This unexpected find in Harrisonwater’s vents attracted the eye of many players on Reddit. The article has received over 2.7K upvotes in a single day, and many people have commented on the unique discovery. Users shared their tips for reviving an outdated SNES cartridge in the comments area. One suggestion was to blow into it to remove the dust, while another advised rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs. Fortunately, Harrisonwater stated that they have restored the original game’s functionality.

It is not known how the SNES cartridge for Donkey Kong Country 2 got into the vents of the Reddit user’s home, which is a bummer. However, this did not stop some commenters from guessing. Harrisonwater even remarked on its origins, stating that they had just been in the home for about two years and had questioned the same thing.

The excitement generated by Harrisonwater’s latest discovery demonstrates the popularity of the Donkey Kong Country franchise. Despite spawning games on numerous platforms, it has been about a decade since Retro Games launched Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. While Tropical Freeze was ported to the Nintendo Switch in 2018, many fans would appreciate the announcement of a new game in the series. While it is uncertain whether or if this will happen, Harrisonwater may now play Donkey Kong Country 2 on the original SNES console.