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Say Goodbye to Compressed Images: WhatsApp to Allow Original Quality Picture Sending on Android

It’s the news that WhatsApp users on Android have been waiting for – the ability to send photos in their original quality. According to WaBetaInfo, the latest beta software for WhatsApp for Android, version, includes this feature among others.

Up until now, WhatsApp users on Android have been limited to sending compressed photos through the app. When selecting a photo, users could currently choose from “automatic,” “best quality,” and “data saver” options. However, even the “best quality” option did not ensure that the photo would be sent in its original resolution, as the app still employed some compression to ensure faster transfer speeds.

While this compression is understandable for most users who primarily view the photos on their smartphones, there are instances when sending a photo in its original quality is necessary. Recognizing this, WhatsApp is apparently preparing to give users the option to send photos in their original quality.

It’s important to note that this feature is currently in beta testing, so it’s not yet available for all users. Additionally, as it’s a beta, WhatsApp may choose to remove this feature before it’s rolled out to the public. But, it’s exciting to see this feature in development, and it will be interesting to see when it will officially be released to all WhatsApp users on Android.

The news of WhatsApp’s original photo quality feature comes on the same day that Meta announced a host of new features for end-to-end encrypted conversations on its messaging platform, which is used across Facebook and Instagram.