Deep Dive into the World of Buying YouTube Subscribers

Deep Dive into the World of Buying YouTube Subscribers

There’s plenty of discussion of organic growth and its importance on YouTube. Many blogs and websites claim it’s the only path for content creators to have long-term success. While this is valid to a certain extent, those who are the newest on the block are having a hard time and finding it extremely difficult to secure themselves onto the world’s most popular streaming video platform. This isn’t a surprise.


YouTube was first introduced in 2005, but it was only in 2010 when the platform began to grow. Since then, the expansion in the number of content creators has been staggering. In the year 2020, YouTube saw a 23% increase in content creators and according to estimates, there are nearly 40 million channels on the internet at present.


Indeed, your channel isn’t trying to compete with all the 40 million channels. But the reality is that there’s bound to be hundreds of thousands of channels ahead of you in the race (or millions). The problem is, how do you get ahead? The simple answer is to buy YouTube subscribers. If you’re someone who is committed to ethics, you’re probably thinking, “Wait, I see this page instructing that I should buy YouTube subscribers. Wouldn’t that be unethical? Isn’t YouTube able to reprimand me for doing it?”


It’s true that if you purchase YouTube subscribers from the proper supplier, you won’t have any problems. Instead, your channel will get the boost it requires to establish itself on the web and on YouTube.


If you’re unsure about purchasing subscribers for your YouTube channel, keep reading to learn about the advantages that YouTubers are getting from paying for subscribers.


  1. Purchasing subscribers will result in more natural/organic subscribers.


We’ve said it at the beginning that organic growth on YouTube is crucial. But, consider this – what’s required for the organic growth of your channel? The answer lies in the ability to expose the channel to its intended viewers. However, just exposure isn’t enough. If a person in your audience who hasn’t heard or seen your show first encounters it, what should the viewer look for?


Most people who use YouTube nowadays focus on the number first and later the content. For instance, if viewers see an account with only a very few subscribers and views, they will not bother to check out the content even if it’s top-quality. Instead, viewers will look for an alternative channel with greater subscribers, views, likes, and shares. The more subscribers on a channel, the more confidence, and trust new viewers will have.


A high number of subscribers shows a content creator’s experience in a specific topic and is a crucial aspect to think about for future influential social media users. For instance, if individuals are into gaming and always looking for information, tips, and tricks, they are more likely to join channels with high subscribers.


  1. Create more and less marketing.


Although YouTube’s algorithm is highly favorable to content creators whose content is popularly viewed, the same cannot be said of channels that are just beginning to launch. In general, the new YouTubers must promote their channel on different sites on social networks, which is a lengthy process.


If, for instance, you’re beginning to get into this YouTube world, you’ll need to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to market your channel. Each of these social networks has a different algorithm that works uniquely. Thus, to devise and implement efficient marketing strategies to market the popularity of your YouTube content across the various platforms is almost impossible for a single person. In addition, you’ll need to develop and upload content frequently, too. This is why it’s beneficial to purchase subs. This lets you concentrate on improving the standard of your YouTube content and lessens the need to put the time and effort into doing things you might not be proficient at. However, you’ll indeed need to work a little bit of action in the realm of social media by yourself. However, this won’t take much to drain your creativity for your YouTube videos.


  1. Improves the chance of your video showing at the top of YouTube’s search results. 


Three of the primary factors that determine the order in which videos appear on YouTube’s search page are views, subscribers, and SEO. While you can manage the SEO aspect, the same cannot be said about the views and the subscribers.


If your videos don’t receive views and subscribers even after optimizing your videos for the appropriate keywords, what’s the point, you ask? You can’t think of a massive rise in views and subscribers when your videos are in the middle on YouTube’s list of searches.


But, if it comes time to buy YouTube subscribers, you dramatically increase the chance of your content being more prominently ranked than they were prior. If you purchase subscribers from a reputable site that has genuine subscribers, your content will be advertised to them. If what you have to provide is what they’re looking for, they’re likely to send it out to other people, possibly even the first organic subscribers.


Although there are plenty of content consumers who consume only content from creators who they’ve signed up for, many other users depend on the search function of YouTube to search for new content. Therefore, it’s crucial to work hard to get your content to the very top of your field. If you buy YouTube subs, your job is made much more straightforward.


  1. Make money on YouTube. 


Today, the most prominent content creators on YouTube aren’t only earning profits from the YouTube efforts. Due to the massive popularity of YouTube its stars, YouTube’s top creators have secured some lucrative agreements outside YouTube too. For example, well-known Indian Youtuber and social media star Bhuvan Bam, famous for the BBKiVines project, has endorsed the brands like Tissot, Lenskart, and Pizza Hut.


What Bhuvan Bam has accomplished wouldn’t be possible without his dedicated following on YouTube. The opportunities for the deals become available only once the YouTube numbers are impressive, with the number of subscribers being the primary factor if you decide to purchase subscribers and increase your numbers up a couple of notches over the current ones and watch possibilities unfold.


In addition to buying YouTube subscribers, you should make an effort to collaborate with companies operating in your particular niche. If, for instance, you run an online gaming channel, it is possible to contact publishers and game developers. Another option could be to connect with the designers of gaming cards. Be aware that you can’t purchase an upgrade to be at the top of the YouTube tree. Yes, you can buy subscribers, but you should be sure to do the things you can see and purchase subscribers.


  1. Be inspired to produce more top-quality content.


If you’re just launched your YouTube channel, your motivation levels are probably high. However, your motivation could decrease over time if you keep making and uploading content that doesn’t get many views, likes, shares, or even subscribers. You may be motivated solely by your passion for the subject right now without any idea of earning the financial aspect. However, your dedication and passion must provide some reward, surely?


Human nature seeks a reward after putting all of your efforts into something. Therefore, the most effective option to keep yourself focused on creating more entertaining and engaging content through YouTube is to buy YouTube subscribers. Some skeptics likely say that you shouldn’t be concerned about numbers when passionate about your YouTube and your content. However, the truth is that numbers have an impact.


Making content when you’re feeling demotivated is a problem too. In this situation, it’s likely that your mindset to interfere with the work you’d like to accomplish. In this instance, it won’t be satisfying, either for you or the viewers. Therefore, get the subscribers and ensure that your motivation never wanes.


Tips to increase YouTube subscribers naturally


Nowadays, purchasing YouTube subscribers is an increasingly popular method for new YouTubers to grow their channels quickly. This is because buying real subscribers on YouTube has become very inexpensive. However, it isn’t possible to purchase millions of followers in one go, which would cost the world. Therefore, you must buy YouTube subscribers, but be sure to put specific steps into action to ensure your channel can keep racking an adequate number of subscribers naturally.


In this portion of the article, we’ll guide you through the most effective methods you can use to boost the number of subscribers to your channel organically.


  • Create videos that range from 10 to 15 minutes in length: YouTube has recently introduced its Shorts feature, similar to the features TikTok or Instagram Reels offer. Although Shorts lets viewers sign up to content creators, the truth is that it’s being viewed as a second-tier option to longer-form videos on YouTube. Therefore, regardless of your subject, make sure to make videos at least 10-15 minutes in length. In general, it is the case that the YouTube algorithm evaluates 10 to 15 minutes videos as more valuable than those with shorter durations. If you upload an entire 10-minute film, then you should anticipate it to be seen much more quickly by your intended viewers. This will lead to greater views, likes, and of course, subscribers.


  • Make playlists based on outcomes. It’s a standard procedure to create playlists and then name them according to the specific topics the videos address. However, more effective is to call the playlists about the video’s viewers’ results. For example, ‘how-to names are great for playlists since they instantly indicate the results which are likely to be anticipated by the viewers. The goal is to make the viewers believe that you can solve their issues through your videos.


  • Get the most benefit from subscribing watermarks. Most YouTube users will watch it on full-screen once they’ve started to play the video. From the content creator’s point of view, the issue with the full-screen mode is that the subscribe button isn’t accessible when you’re in full-screen mode. Therefore, even when your content enthralls a viewer, there’s a possibility that the viewer won’t remember to press the subscribe button after the full-screen mode is switched off. To avoid this issue, it is recommended to include subscribe watermarks on all your videos. These watermarks enable viewers to sign up to YouTube channels, even when watching videos in full-screen mode.


  • Find the right balance between quality and quantity. The majority of websites and blogs will inform you that you should upload a video every day to YouTube for a good chance of succeeding. While it’s true, you have to be a consistent uploader to get noticed on YouTube. However, you must put high-quality over quantity. Nowadays, many YouTubers, particularly vloggers, are uploading content daily. Although there’s nothing wrong with uploading content daily, the problem is that the quality of the content is at risk at the time’s end. In the end, it’s the quality (or the absence in it) that determines the quality of your YouTube channel. Thus, begin to focus on the quality of your content from the first video.


  • Utilize YouTube’s End Screen feature: The End Screen feature is a convenient tool YouTube provides to content creators to promote more significant portions of the quality of their content to the public. Content creators can select from a wide range of types of End Screen templates, which let them promote one or more videos or playlists and include Subscribe buttons. We recommend that you devote the final 10 to 15 seconds at the end of each video to promoting other related videos. The viewers who stay until the conclusion of your video are those that are more likely to sign up and continue to follow your channel over the long haul. Therefore, please provide them with something else to keep their eyes on so that the subscribers will follow.


  • Your channel’s description must be engaging. It is a fact that most YouTubers do not think about their channel’s descriptions in the same way. But, those who tend to have more success in YouTube success. If your channel’s description is brief and easy to read, you need to broaden it to make it more engaging. The description should consist of a single sentence that provides viewers a quick outline of the channel then at least three paragraphs on the kind of content viewers can expect. After that, devote two or three sentences to the audience you want to reach, i.e., the viewers for whom the video and the channel were created. Your description should conclude by putting a compelling call to action.


  • Be quick in responding to comments. Most YouTubers are guilty of a common offense asking users to leave comments but not bothering to respond to comments. Of course, enticing people to post comments is an excellent way to spark conversations between your viewers. But, if you don’t attempt to join in these conversations, you’ll end up being an ordinary YouTuber asking for comments in the name of increasing engagement. Instead, you should keep your YouTube notifications loud and try to respond to comments promptly. Learn to accept constructive criticism with a smile and react to it positively. The tone of your comments will enhance the image of the channel. People you respond to are pleased to know that you respond quickly and promptly, making it easier for them to join your channel.


The most common mistakes to be aware of while buying YouTube subscriptions


When we talk about purchasing YouTube subscribers, we are talking about buying real subscribers, i.e., actual users with active YouTube users. There are a lot of YouTubers who buy YouTube subscribers in the form of bots. These bots create bot accounts and, although they could be utilized to boost the number of subscribers, they also cause a variety of risks over the long haul.


In this section, we’d like to walk you through the dangers of bots in-depth to ensure that you don’t get into the error of buying bots when purchasing subs.


  • YouTube’s algorithm isn’t the most bot-friendly: The purchasing bot subs on YouTube began when the platform’s algorithm contained loopholes. But the days of bot subs are long gone. In recent times some prominent names were caught red-handed by bots. For example, Indian rapper and music producer Badshah was discovered guilty of buying bots to boost his subscribers on YouTube. The rapper then admitted to his deeds as well. If you decide to try and try to trick YouTube’s algorithm through buying bots, be aware that there’s an excellent probability that your channel could be flagged. This brings our attention to the following part.


  • Your videos could get removed. If YouTube’s algorithm finds that you pay for YouTube subscribers through the use of sub bots, there’s a good chance that your channel’s video content will be relegated to the bottom of the list. Even the videos you upload have massive amounts in terms of views and likes, but they will not appear on the front page of the search results on YouTube. This could cause harm to your channel over time since people tend to watch videos that are at the top or near the top of the results of a search.


  • Sub bots have one of the worst insignificant comments. Some websites provide fake subscribers as well as comments that are not genuine. If you purchase subscribers from these services, your videos will be bombarded with spammers within your comments section. Most bot-generated comments within your videos are not appropriate to your content. These comments could also deter viewers who aren’t organic from watching your content. The worst part is that any natural YouTuber with common sense will discern that bots generate the comments. They’ll also be in a position to claim that you bought fraudulent subscribers and comments to boost your YouTube numbers. In the end, you’re most likely to lose credibility, which could cause some of your natural subscribers to stop subscribing to your channel.


  • Channel closure. Once the platform has flagged them, many YouTube channels alter their methods to make them more effective. In the end, they’re then cleared by YouTube, and, as a result, they can enjoy the advantages and features that the platform can provide. But, a few YouTube channels have violated the rules multiple times to break YouTube’s rules and guidelines. The consequences they’ve suffered are usually this: their channels were either temporarily or permanently banned. If it’s a temporary suspension, you’ll still be able to file an appeal and get your channel reinstated. If it’s a permanent suspension, you’re likely to find that your channel will be gone for good, along with all of its subscribers, views, likes, comments, and of course, the time and effort you put into it.


YouTube errors that could cause your channel to be prevented from growing to more subscribers


We’re nearly done with this piece. However, before we conclude, we’d like to draw attention to some of the mistakes that many new and upcoming YouTubers are making and that you’re likely to make too. It’s normal to fail. But the most crucial part is that you can take the lessons learned and develop yourself to ensure the YouTube game may remain strong. Let’s take a look at some of the areas that could be wrong in the quality of your YouTube efforts:


  • The danger of overextending your channel: Most YouTubers are drawn by the notion of a large fan base comprised of people from all kinds of niches. Therefore they make videos that aren’t connected in any way. For example, you may start creating video game-related content and then switch to creating travel-related video vlogs. No rule says you should stay with one type of content. To build a solid following on YouTube is best to focus on a specific niche in video content. Even if you think you like making videos in another field, you can create an additional channel to upload your videos to that.


  • Not investing in audio equipment: YouTube may primarily serve as a platform for video creators. However, this doesn’t mean it’s only about the video that counts in the world of YouTube. The audio aspect has a significant part to play as if your content’s audio quality isn’t adequate and it’s not going to attract new subscribers, I’m sure of it. If you’ve been putting off investing in audio gear and equipment, we suggest spending some money on good recording equipment. Nowadays, there are a variety of bundles created for content creators, including audio interfaces, microphones, and studio-quality headphones. The great thing about them is that they’re inexpensive, which makes them the ideal choice for beginning content creators.


  • Producing only short-form content: We’ve previously discussed this in this piece; however, we couldn’t resist revisiting it. The best thing about the short-form content creators is the fact that YouTube’s Shorts gives them everything TikTok, as well as Instagram Reels, does. Unfortunately, YouTube Shorts as a name is a long way further behind than In terms of popularity. YouTube is still used mainly by longer-form videos creators. If you’re a short-form creator and you’re looking to be successful on YouTube, you must step outside of what you’re comfortable with and adapt to the guidelines of the game field.


  • Do not include calls-to-action (CTAs) on your YouTube videos: You may consider YouTubers are soliciting subscribers, likes, and shares as asking for money. There’s an essential distinction between begging and asking for something you want. There’s no harm in soliciting your viewers to sign up to your channel or like the video they’ve seen. Whatever the case you do, make sure to include calls-to-action within your video content. Today, many content creators use multiple CTAs in the same video. But, of course, you shouldn’t do it too much. However, spreading them throughout your video can help them grab the viewers’ attention. It’s then up to the viewer to accept it as a fact or reject the content entirely. Those who will likely find your content interesting will rate your videos a thumbs-up and sign up to your channel.


  • Keeping YouTube from YouTube: YouTube is one of many social media platforms. And one of the advantages of social media, in general, is the ability to connect one platform’s content across other platforms. It might surprise you to learn that many YouTubers do not share their content with various social platforms. Some don’t even bother to participate on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. In reality, the moment you’re on social media and are looking to earn some name or income from it, you must be active across multiple platforms; therefore, if you’re primarily using YouTube, stop now. Make new accounts on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and also make sure to share the content of your YouTube channels content on these platforms.




We hope that if you choose to buy subscribers, you buy them with caution and choose a reputable supplier who can help maximize the growth of your channel. We would like to wish you the best in your YouTube journey. For more details and advice, reach out to SubPals’s experts now.

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