"CrossfireX" and "Knockout City" to Cease Operations

“CrossfireX” and “Knockout City” to Cease Operations

The live service gaming industry is facing some tough times, as several popular titles are set to shut down soon. CrossfireX and Knockout City are the latest games to join the list of games that will be discontinued in the near future.

CrossfireX, the Xbox console version of the popular tactical shooter game, was released less than a year ago but has not garnered the success that was hoped for. Smilegate, the game’s developer, has stopped selling the game and is offering refunds for purchases made in the last two weeks. The CrossfireX servers will be shut off on May 18th.



Knockout City, a dodgeball brawler game, is also facing a similar fate. The game was published by Velan Studios after the studio parted ways with EA. The ninth season of the game will be its last, and the servers will shut down on June 6th. However, Velan will offer an option for PC players to run the game on private servers.

The closure of CrossfireX and Knockout City is part of a larger trend in the live service gaming industry. Echo VR, Apex Legends Mobile, Battlefield Mobile, Rumbleverse, Crayta, and others are also closing down, while Back 4 Blood and Marvel’s Avengers are ending development, but the servers will remain online. With an ever-increasing pool of gamers, competition in the live service gaming industry is fierce, and only a few games are able to sustain success in the long term.

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