Crema and GGTech Studios Introduce Temtem: Swarm - The Ultimate Co-op Adventure in the Temtem Universe

Crema and GGTech Studios Introduce Temtem: Swarm – The Ultimate Co-op Adventure in the Temtem Universe

Brace yourselves for an exhilarating new challenge in the Temtem universe with the upcoming game, Temtem: Swarm! Developed through a partnership between Crema® and GGTech Studios, this fast-paced, bullet-heaven experience combines the strategic elements of Temtem combat with the frenetic gameplay of classic survivor games. Prepare to team up with friends in online co-op for up to three players and face relentless swarms of enemies, unlock powerful abilities and upgrades, find and collect Tems to evolve and become stronger, and battle massive bosses in this adrenaline-pumping adventure!


Team Up for Survival

Temtem: Swarm was built from the ground up with online 3-player co-op in mind so that you can join friends to face the swarm together. Strategize, share resources(or steal them from each other), and unleash coordinated attacks to overcome increasingly formidable foes. Maximize your attack potential by combining gears and skills into unique builds, creating overpowered synergies and unleashing unstoppable ultimate abilities with precise timing. The ultimate test of teamwork and survival awaits!

Evolve Your Tems to Unleash Their True Potential

Adaptation is key to surviving, and your Tems are built for it! Defeat enemies to collect experience, level up, grow stronger, and unlock your Tems’ final evolutions. Each evolution brings massive power-ups to your Tems’ skills and strength, giving you an edge in the face of the growing swarm.

Capture and Collect a Diverse Cast of Temtem

Build your dream team by capturing and collecting a variety of Temtem, each with their own unique traits and powerful abilities. Explore the vibrant landscapes of the Temtem universe, and master their strengths and weaknesses in both solo and co-op modes.

Don’t Fear Defeat – Fight On in Ghost Mode

Even the most experienced Temtem tamers can face setbacks. That’s why Temtem: Swarm introduces Ghost Mode in online co-op. When you fall in battle, become a spectral helper, supporting your teammates until they can revive you and bring you back into the fray. Defeat isn’t game over – fight on in Ghost Mode!

Boss Battles That Will Leave You Breathless

Conquer each stage by defeating challenging mini-bosses and formidable stage bosses with devastating abilities. Prepare to strategize, pivot, and prove your mettle as you face off against powerful Tems like Gharunder, Yowlar, and Nessla. Only the boldest will emerge victorious – so gear up, create your unique builds, and clear every hand-crafted stage before the swarm overwhelms you!

Temtem: Swarm is set to release on Steam® for PC and SteamDeck®, with plans for future console releases in the works. Stay tuned for more information and updates as we prepare to unleash this adrenaline-fueled challenge! Are you prepared for what comes next? The Swarm awaits…