In Conversation With Burak Bahar - Gulf Region Sales Manager, Beko

In Conversation With Burak Bahar – Gulf Region Sales Manager, Beko

In Conversation With Burak Bahar - Gulf Region Sales Manager, Beko   Burak Bahar – Gulf Region Sales Manager, Beko



Is the market demand for feature-rich IoT devices growing in the middle east region?

The Middle East market is always hungry for the latest and newest technologies and we expect this to be a driving factor in the home appliances sector.

All devices have increasingly become connected and the Internet of Things has transformed our world thanks to huge leaps in mobile technologies and the development in the Internet. Today, 10-11 billion devices are connected to the internet.  It is expected that this figure will reach 20-30 billion in 2020.  The world of the Internet of Things is growing into a multi-trillion-dollar business. Smart home technologies market expected to grow 5 times and reach 400 billion dollars in 2020.

As such, Beko is making significant investments in the digital transformation. We are working on connectivity, cloud computing and data mining technologies.  We attach importance in developing a common protocol with the aim of maximizing the benefits of the consumers from the smart technologies. We use the power of the technology for the sake of easing the life and extending the comfort of our consumers. Our household appliances transform into the smart devices understanding the needs of consumers and offering exclusive solutions for them.

Beko’s brand philosophy addresses all the needs of the new generation by offering smart technologies. Beko stands to be a consumer-focused brand delivering quality, smart technology, stylish functional design and environmental responsibility, which provides savings for the world and at home. Beko is the rising everyday choice for the new smart generation.

By investing in R&D, design and eco-friendly technology, Beko innovates to make life easier. The brand’s “Smart Solutions” positioning focuses on the products’ aesthetic and technological characteristics as well as the advantages they provide to the consumer.

Homewhiz is the beginning of our smart home technologies journey. In the near future, the products we use at our homes will have the capability of understanding and learning, and touch every spot of the consumer’s life.

The below video gives an insight into how we see the future of the smart home: