Character Creation and Customization in Kingdom Hearts II

Character Creation and Customization in Kingdom Hearts II

Square Enix has been releasing fresh details about its forthcoming mobile title Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, the most recent of which incorporates in-game character creation and customisation. Though the development team acknowledged Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link player character creation, this is the first time the game has provided some specifics about the feature directly.

Despite the fact that Square Enix has not announced a release date for the mobile app, Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is already in closed beta for a select group of Japanese players. This most likely offers the community a sense of how far the game has progressed overall. Furthermore, the team has been updating the audience on social media with specifics such as gameplay features and in-game events. This provides fans with a taste of what they may expect when the game officially comes on mobile devices.



The Missing Link social media team shared some insights regarding the title’s character creation and customization on the Japanese Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Twitter account. According to the article, in the Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link in-game function “changing clothing,” players can modify the appearance of their character. The report also included a screenshot collage displaying the user interface and personalization options that gamers may anticipate seeing in the video game.

Players should keep in mind that Square Enix’s information is only applicable to the Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link closed beta. This implies that the information presented in the graphics may alter during the game. The message also said that after the game is completely released, further character customization possibilities would be available. However, based on the photographs released by the studio, character creation is clearly more complex and sophisticated than in previous Kingdom Hearts mobile apps such as Union X and Dark Road.

The forthcoming video games in the JRPG series have no confirmed release dates, which is unfortunate for the Kingdom Hearts fanbase. With information like this being released on social media by the team, the fans are likely pleased to see what type of progress is being made in future releases. Hopefully, the following updates will be more focused on the launch times and time frames for each game. This gives Kingdom Hearts fans something to look forward to as well as dates to mark on their own gaming calendars.

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