CES 2024 – LG Unveils World’s First Wireless Transparent OLED TV, the OLED T

Forget conventional flatscreen TVs – LG is unveiling something truly unique at CES 2024. Dubbed the OLED T, it’s the world’s first wireless transparent OLED television. That’s right, you can literally see right through the screen!

The 4K display uses LG’s proprietary tech to transmit audio and video wirelessly, doing away with ports and cables. A box connects all your devices, and then beams everything to the T.

But it’s not just a gimmick. The T is powered by LG’s latest Alpha 11 processor for lightning-fast speeds and enhanced graphics.

When not in use, a contrasting screen rolls down from the base to hide the transparency effect. Press a button and it retracts upward, revealing a see-through panel once again.




Down-firing speakers and backlighting are built into the base too. You can pump up the lights for a cool backglow, or turn them off for a fully invisible viewing experience.

Seeing transparent video up close is wild. Singers appear to float in the room like mini holograms. Underwater scenes become virtual aquariums. It’s trippy but super immersive. Crisp 4K visuals really pop as well.

An optional “T-Bar” can overlay info like weather and song titles along the bottom, leaving the rest of the display clear.

LG hasn’t announced pricing yet but says the mind-bending OLED T will launch sometime in 2024.

Samsung showed off a similar transparent Micro OLED TV too. But LG’s ready-to-launch wireless model feels like the full realization of this sci-fi concept.

Between the translucent panel and cutting-edge connectivity, the OLED T signifies a totally new direction for television technology. LG has once again set the pace with an innovation that has to be seen to be believed. The future of TV is transparent, and it’s arriving sooner than you think.