CES 2024 - Samsung Unveils Feature-Packed 2024 TV Lineup with AI Enhancements and 'Glare-Free' OLED Innovation

CES 2024 – Samsung Unveils Feature-Packed 2024 TV Lineup with AI Enhancements and ‘Glare-Free’ OLED Innovation

Samsung’s next generation of TVs are here and they are packed with some seriously futuristic features. We’re talking A.I. powered 8K upscaling, glare-free OLED screens, and massive 98-inch models. Let’s break down the highlights:

The new QN900D 8K TVs use A.I. Upscaling Pro to convert lower resolution content into crisp, clear 8K quality. Since native 8K streams are still scarce, this helps you get the most of the extra pixels. These premium sets are supposedly the “slimmest, most advanced” 8K TVs yet.

There’s also a new mode that can automatically detect and track sports balls on screen, plus contrast boosting tech to make different elements of the picture really pop.




On the audio side, Active Voice Amplifier Pro can selectively amp up dialog and key sound effects for a more immersive experience. And A.I. Customization Mode learns your visual preferences to optimize picture settings based on the type of content.

For more budget friendly 8K, there’s the QN85D sans the fancy A.I. features. New 4K Neo QLEDs like the QN90D and QN85D round out the QLED lineup.

But perhaps most interesting is the new S95D OLED that claims to be “glare free” in any lighting. We’re talking crisp, vivid images whether you’re in a bright room or pitch black thanks to some proprietary tech from Samsung. And it still has wide viewing angles and deep contrast.

More great news for home theater enthusiasts – screen sizes now go up to a massive 98 inches across multiple models, from 8K QLED to 4K Crystal UHD. A.I. powered pixel enhancement helps maintain sharpness and clarity even at these supersized dimensions.

While full details are still to come, it’s clear Samsung is leveraging A.I. and innovative display tech to deliver their most advanced TV lineup yet. We’ll have to wait on pricing, but the picture quality looks seriously drool-worthy.