Unistellar Unveils Next-Gen Smart Telescopes, Odyssey and Odyssey Pro, Redefining Backyard Astronomy

Backyard astronomy just got a major upgrade thanks to Unistellar’s new Odyssey and Odyssey Pro telescopes. These smart scopes eliminate the frustrating manual hassle of traditional stargazing with auto-focusing lenses, built-in apps, and tech that lets you seamlessly switch between planets and distant celestial bodies.

The key is something Unistellar calls Multi-Depth technology. It allows the telescopes to instantly toggle between high-magnification mode for nearby objects like the Moon, and a wider field of view for dim, distant nebulae and galaxies.

No more fiddling with adjustments to try and get Saturn in focus one minute, then a blurry smear of the Andromeda galaxy the next. The Odyssey scopes handle it automatically to capture stellar views of both.