Call of Duty's Drastic Anti-Cheat Approach Halts Gameplay

Call of Duty’s Drastic Anti-Cheat Approach Halts Gameplay

Activision is once again getting creative in its eternal quest to thwart Call of Duty cheaters. The latest deterrent targets players illicitly enabling aim assist while using a mouse and keyboard for a competitive edge.

As detailed by the developer’s Ricochet anti-cheat team, cheaters caught exploiting these unauthorized tools will face an amusing punishment: the Call of Duty app immediately closes itself down mid-match. No tricks or fakes — the game just shuts off entirely.

Aim assist exists in Call of Duty games to help console and controller players compensate for less accurate input compared to mouse control. So cheaters tapping into the feature essentially gives themselves a bullseye, annihilating any concept of fair play.


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Rather than a complex in-game penalty, Ricochet’s blunt force approach delivers simplicity and hilarity. And it just might succeed in frustrating cheaters into changing their ways. While aim assist exploits are far from Call of Duty’s only cheating issue, Ricochet stresses repeat offenders risk account suspensions or full bans.

For a franchise with a massive competitive community, keeping matches legitimately skill-based remains an endless challenge. In the past, the team has gotten similarly creative, like clipping cheaters’ parachutes in Warzone so they pancake into the ground.

While cheaters will always seek new ways to exploit systems for an edge, Ricochet seems committed to evolving right alongside them. If humor and raw annoyance happen to be effective weapons in that battle, all the better for players looking for fun, fair sessions of Call of Duty mayhem.