Instagram Introduces Nighttime Reminders for Healthier Habits

Instagram Introduces Nighttime Reminders for Healthier Habits

Instagram is rolling out a new “digital nudge” aimed at getting obsessed teens to put down their phones and go to sleep.

Dubbed Nighttime Nudges, Instagram will automatically remind users under 18 to close the app once they’ve been scrolling for over 10 continuous minutes. These periodic notifications during the evening can’t be disabled and could cover feed browsing, Reels, DMs – anywhere a teen might lose track of time on the platform.

According to Instagram, the goal is encouraging healthy digital habits, especially proper sleep. Allowing younger users to spiral down late-night scroll holes doesn’t align with that aim. “We want teens to leave Instagram feeling like the time they spend on the app is meaningful and intentional,” the company said in its announcement.

Nighttime Nudges join Instagram’s expanding suite of digital wellbeing features for younger audiences. Take a Break reminders, letting parents supervise their teen’s activities, and Quiet Mode for silencing notifications when concentration is needed have already rolled out.

By auto-enabling time management tools across adolescent accounts, Instagram clearly wants to get ahead of accusations its algorithm can easily suck teens into an addictive social media vortex. Removing the onus from users to activate protections could ensure more of the most vulnerable audience benefits from the safeguards.

Of course, determined teenagers can always ignore the notifications and continue scrolling into the wee hours. But by interjecting at critical moments, Instagram may stand a chance of encouraging healthier, more balanced habits – especially at an age when digital distraction risks are high.