Avast Reveals ‘LoveGPT’: AI-Driven Catfishing Poses a New Threat in Dating Apps

The Dark Side of AI: Deceptive Chatbots Make Finding Love More Challenging

It appears that ChatGPT, despite its initial promise, is being exploited for less-than-honorable purposes, creating a challenge for users of dating apps.

Nearly a year has passed since ChatGPT made its debut in public preview. During this time, we’ve witnessed a proliferation of generative AI tools aimed at alleviating the burden on workers and enhancing workplace efficiency. However, a darker side to AI’s capabilities has surfaced, marked by an uptick in reports of AI involvement in cyberattacks. The latest scheme, dubbed ‘LoveGPT,’ is not your typical catfishing scenario with a fake profile. LoveGPT takes the art of deception to a whole new level, using an AI chatbot to engage in authentic-sounding conversations and produce convincing messages.