Intel’s Game-Changer: GPU Flex Series Eliminates Licensing Fees for VDI GPUs

Unlocking the Power of GPU-Powered Virtual Desktops Without the Costs

In the ever-evolving landscape of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Intel introduces a game-changing solution to a prevalent pain point – the burden of GPU licensing fees. As businesses increasingly rely on VDI systems to provide cost-effective access to vital applications and services from remote locations, the demand for GPU-powered virtual desktops is soaring. However, the associated licensing costs have been a significant barrier. Enter Intel’s Flex GPU family, designed to revolutionize the VDI landscape.

Engineered specifically for VMware ESXi environments and seamlessly integrated with the VMware Horizon connection manager, Intel’s Flex GPUs are here to offer a refreshing perspective – the absence of hidden virtualization licensing fees.