Apple announces upgrades to the iPad lineup and new Apple TV+ content coming this fall

Apple announces upgrades to the iPad lineup and new Apple TV+ content coming this fall

Apple hosted their annual event yesterday and contrary to many of the leaks going around, it was quite trimmed down and to the point, many would even say it was rushed. The flow of the program did not do anything to take the spotlight off the product announcements, some of which, were absolutely mind-blowing.

Let’s take a look at everything that transpired at the September 2021 Apple Event.

Apple TV+ announces a slew of upcoming tv-shows

The beginning of the event saw the current Apple CEO, Tim Cook announce a slew of TV Shows that were heading to the Apple TV+ service this fall. The montage included trailers of these shows including The Morning Show Season 2, Foundation, and John Stewart’s new TV show, The Problem with John Stewart.

Apple TV+ is still in the growth stage and has a long way to go before it can challenge the heavy hitters in the market, but we have checked out some of the content on the platform and right off the bat, in terms of the sheer quality of content, Apple is really hitting the right notes with their offerings. It will be interesting to see how Apple TV+ progresses in the years to come.

The Apple TV+ segment served as a build-up to the product announcement, starting with, the iPads.

The classic iPad upgrade and the iPad Air overhaul

The iPad has seen tremendous growth, with 40% more iPad devices being sold just the last year. The market is ready for an upgrade to this tablet and while the iPad Pro and the iPad Air got their overhaul in 2020, it was time for two other devices in the family to get the much-needed overhaul.

So, for this year, the iPads getting the 2021 treatment are the classic iPad and the humble yet powerful iPad Mini.

The classic iPad upgrade