Many webmasters and bloggers (including this site) do have a Adsense ads earning revenues for the websites. Ad sense premium is for those websites/blogs that deliver huge traffic to their site and Google recognizes the value of these sites and you get a email from Google with a unique access to Adsense premium login. If your website traffic is around 20 million page impressions or 5 million searches a month (you heard it right )and you repeat the same traffic for say 6-10 months you are sure to get a email from Google adsense.

Adsense Premium account? What are the benefits?

So what are the benefits of being a premium account?

• There are many ad formats to choose from and you can customize the fonts, color, size,edit ”ads by Google”,edit css of ads and even create your own ads.

• There is no limit on the no of ads you can add on the webpage, no more 3 ad unit limit.

• Anytime email and phone support for Adsense.

• Support Adult ads

• No accounts are banned ,Google approaches you first before any Adsense ban.

• A dedicated sales representative and account manager for all your Adsense revenue needs.

• Customize revenue terms with Google.

• High click rate on ads so higher revenue for website owners.

• Premium ads on your sites.

• Adsense for search is also optimized for your websites.

• Additional monetization methods and assistance for search engine optimization

As of now there are only 1% of Adsense premium accounts which are mostly branded and reputed sites which indeed gets high traffic, while a few bloggers managed to get into the exclusive premium Adsense club. Anyone nearing the 20 million page impressions per month?

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