Safest way to download from web with 40+ Anti virus scanners.

How safe are you when you download attachments from emails and files from websites that are not very prominent? Most webmail services provide built-in virus scanners that scan file attachments before downloading them to your computer.There are some limitations to email virus scanners. For example, Gmail’s Virus Scanner cannot detect password-protected attachments.

Downloading from the internet always carries the risk of downloading keyloggers (software that hides in your computer and steals credit card information by recording your keystrokes), malware, spyware, etc. This risk is higher when downloading from unpopular sites. Even if you have antivirus software installed on your computer (which is essential), it does not guarantee total protection.

This is because a new outbreak of a potential virus or malware might be missed by certain antivirus programs, although not all antivirus programs. It is a mistake to install more than one antivirus program.Just follow the steps below for solving the above mentioned issues.

How to download attachments in email safely?

Suppose you receive a unknown email with attachment ,before downloading the mail forward the same email to   [email protected] with subject  SCAN or SCAN+XML to receive an email with the file scan report either in text or XML format with more than 40+ well known online Anti Virus providers on the list.



How to download files from websites safely?

1.      To download files from internet first copy the URL of the file that has to be downloaded.
2.      Copy the URL and paste it in the VIRUS TOTAL submit your URL field where you can even upload files from your computer to check whether its infected .