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Acer Expands its Acclaimed Predator Gaming Portfolio with Desktops, Monitors and Accessories

The global leader in computer technology, Acer, has announced an expansion within its critically and user acclaimed Predator lineup.

The new generation of products includes Desktops, Monitors, and accessories, which promise to take the gaming experience on the predator devices to the next level.

“Our latest gaming line-up is outfitted with some of the most innovative and powerful technologies available today,” said Jerry Kao, Co-COO of Acer.

Predator X25 Monitor – Amazingly Fast 360 Hz Gaming

With the market settling into the 180 Hz bracket, Acer has pushed the bar even higher with their new 360Hz Predator X25 Monitor.

Featuring the latest NVIDIA G-SYNC processors, the Predator X25 delivers an optimal gaming experience loaded with advanced features, making games look as realistic as possible.

The Predator X25 can also adjust its brightness and color temperature automatically based on environmental light. With LightSense, the Predator X25 detects the amount of ambient light in the viewing environment and automatically adjusts its brightness settings to maximize viewing comfort. AdaptiveLight automatically adjusts the monitor’s backlights to suit the ambient light in the room, while ProxiSense reminds gamers to take a break after a set amount of time. 

Gamers who like a more personalized setup will love the fact that the new Predator X25 Monitor is adjustable with -5 to -25 degree tilt, +/- 30-degree swivel, up to 4.7-inch height adjustment and +/- 90-degree pivot. This means that gamers can now play at the angles they like best, for all-round better performance.

Predator XB3 Series Monitors – Smooth Gameplay, Brilliant Visuals

Acer is launching four Predator XB3 series monitors: the 31.5-inch Predator XB323QK NV, the 27-inch Predator XB273U GS, and Predator XB273U GX, plus the 24.5-inch Predator XB253Q GZ. All are certified as NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible, with up to 240 Hz refresh rates and up to 4K UHD resolution, this new line of monitors delivers silky-smooth gameplay and wide 178-degree viewing angles.

The new line includes Acer AdaptiveLight, helping gamers stay comfortable during long gaming sessions, and is ergonomically designed, with a stand that features tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment.

Acer has also integrated the RBG LightSense technology in their XB3 Series monitors This allows gamers to choose a variety of different lighting effects, including color, speed, duration, and brightness, which can be set to react to gameplay, music or video.