A writer from Horizon Forbidden West has jumped ship to work on a new fable game

A writer from Horizon Forbidden West has jumped ship to work on a new fable game

Andrew Walsh, the senior writer for Horizon Forbidden West, has joined the Fable development team at Playground Games. Despite being most known for its work on the highly acclaimed Forza Horizon racing series, Playground Games is presently working on its first fantasy RPG based on the Fable intellectual property.

Walsh’s new job at Playground Games was announced on Twitter to applause from developers, coworkers, and Fable fans alike. He will serve as the principal writer for the forthcoming Fable relaunch, a post he previously held for PlayStation’s Horizon Forbidden West. Despite the fact that Walsh is a new hire at Playground Games, this will not be his first collaboration with the Fable franchise. Walsh was formerly the story lead for Fable Legends, which was canceled on March 7, 2016.



Walsh is one of the most notable developers hired for Playground Games in 2022. Over the last two years, Xbox and Playground Games have sought level designers, lead writers, and animators to join the Fable development team. Anna Megill, a former Control writer, joined Playground Games in 2020 and was named the narrative lead for the forthcoming Fable revival this July. Megill will collaborate closely with Walsh to guarantee that Fable’s writing is of the highest caliber.

Because the development team is still bringing in fresh talent, Xbox and Playground Games did not provide any new information regarding Fable. Fable’s most recent major appearance was during the Xbox Games Showcase in 2020. However, the Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty discussed Fable production in September. Playground Games, according to Booty, would not share any gameplay video until the team was ready.

Walsh is delighted to return to the land of Albion with the upcoming Fable revival, and Playground Games required his assistance in developing storylines for large RPG titles. Furthermore, Playground Games need someone that was already aware with the Fable series and magical settings, and Walsh is an ideal choice in that aspect. If Playground Games decides to continue developing RPGs, Walsh should be willing to contribute his talents as well.

Fable is an important chance for Playground Games to demonstrate that they can create more than just Forza Horizon releases. The year 2023 is approaching, and fans may expect more details regarding the Fable relaunch by late summer. Since Xbox will have its yearly showcase in 2023, E3 2023 looks to be the next probable window for a potential Fable debut.