8 Cybersecurity Myths That Could Cost Your Business Money

8 Cybersecurity Myths That Could Cost Your Business Money

Businesses of all sizes are at risk for cybercrime, with the reward for data breaches rising and tech advancing swiftly. To protect your business from costly attacks, you need to understand and dispel common cybersecurity myths to keep your company (and consumers) safe. 

So, save your business time, money, and headaches by learning about eight dangerous digital defense myths that could cost your company big time. 

EOL means you have to migrate immediately

While using end-of-life software and operating systems come with risks, it doesn’t mean that you have to migrate your entire system immediately. Instead, you can take steps to mitigate the risks, such as by implementing security controls and keeping up with patches.

For example, if you’re coping with CentOS 7 EOL or other EOL announcements, you can take advantage of extended lifecycle support services to keep your systems running safely and securely while you put together a solid migration strategy. Click here for more information on how to keep your system safe and secure.

Complex passwords are easy to crack

While it’s true that complex passwords are more difficult to decipher than simple ones, they’re not impossible to break. Hackers can use sophisticated tools to guess passwords and infiltrate systems, regardless of their complexity.