4 Smart advantages of Android

4 Smart advantages of Android

In recent times, in the repertoire of various types of mobile phones, one particular mobile phone that has made good impression is of course the Android phone. This high end technology embedded smart mobile phone has indeed become very popular among the customers. Different benefits of this mobile phone are listed below.

Freedom of choice4 Smart advantages of Android

The major hallmark of this mobile phone is that it is Free and open-source software and very much user-friendly. It offers to the customers a bevy of choices to choose from. This allows a third party developer to create an application for this device. Where majority of the platforms available at the market place allow limited applications, but Android is very generous in this regard. If you are an Android user, it offers you unchained freedom to install application on your mobile phone. This indeed adds to a lot of variety in the types of applications.

It is indeed a very smart phone

Just like majority of Google inventions, Android is also likely to create a rage in the market. This touch screen, small, light and elegant looking device has already been able to win the mind share of the customers. One main reason behind the popularity of this geeky product is that it is very much applications friendly. As of June 2011 Google said that 550,000 new Android devices were being activated every day.

It is smartly customized

One important feature of this high-technology product is that it can be customized in accordance to your taste and preferences. You can tweak the RSS feeds to show the news, receive information about weather condition of a particular area or you can organize icons that suit you best. All these easy customization facilities, have added to its acceptability and there are many apps to choose from Android market.

In perfect sync with Google products

Android is pretty much in sync with various Google products. Different Google services such as Gmail, Google Docs and other products can be effortlessly integrated to this mobile phone.