12 Cool Christmas Tech Gifts Ideas For Your Family & Friends

12 Cool Christmas Tech Gifts Ideas For Your Family & Friends

The 25th of December is widely observed as Christmas Day around the world. Christmas trees and lights are strung across crowded marketplaces. Gifts are swapped among friends and family members to celebrate this holiday. It can be extremely difficult to shop for someone who has everything. However, whether you’re looking for a present for your best friend or family, Finally, the latest tech gadgets make our lives easier, which is the best gift you can give. To help you decide for the best brand and compare between different electronic products and gift ideas, you might want to read reviews first. Here are several of our favorite techie gift ideas.

Smart Speaker

Is it just me, or are you getting tired of video calls? For the past three weeks, my eyes have been strained. It’s difficult to break free from the constant barrage of Zoom calls when you desperately want to stay in touch with friends and family. But perhaps this is a good reason to return to phone calls. You don’t have to be glued to your phone the entire day to call your loved ones. When you’re alone for the entire day, the chances of you staring at a screen increase dramatically. Do you have a friend or family member who is going through something similar? Give them a smart speaker to make things easier for them.


With a hoverboard or gyro scooters, you can keep your shoes clean and fresh, learn about balance, and have fun while remaining relatively safe compared to other modes of transportation. They’re also a sleek and slick way to get from point A to point B. Hoverboards for kids are, of course, primarily considered toys, but they can also be used for practical purposes like getting to and from school and other locations. Since their introduction, hoverboards have progressed significantly. Because these aren’t your typical battery-powered skateboards. Hoverboards that are the best are fully integrated, UL 2272 safety-certified personal transportation machines that are also a lot of fun! If your budget is tight, you can find good brands of cheap hoverboards and scooters for your kids or nephews at OveReview.

Disney+ Gift Subscription

Forget Netflix—2020 is Disney’s year. Anyone who loves Disney or has watched (and rewatched) all of their favorite shows on Netflix and is looking for something new will enjoy the newly launched streaming service. It has a large library of family-friendly movies, including animated Walt Disney classics, Pixar films, Star Wars, and Marvel films. And you can actually get a Disney gift subscription for your loved one, making it easier than ever to give one.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

With a smart mug that allows you to set and control the temperature with an app, you can give someone the gift of keeping their cup of coffee or tea at the exact temperature they prefer.

DraftPour Beer Dispenser

This is an excellent gift idea for your father or boyfriend. Draft beer has a better flavor. Fizzics devised a method for anyone to serve their favorite brew on tap at home, right on the kitchen counter, and taste it at its best.

Apple AirTag

By connecting to the Find My app, Apple AirTags make it easier to keep track of and locate items. Each tag can be connected to an iPhone or iPad with just a single tap. They can locate their items using the built-in speaker or ask Siri for assistance.

Mini Portable Projector

This fantastic techie gift idea will bring a smile to the faces of movie buffs everywhere. A portable projector is about the size of a stack of sticky notes, but it can display movies and videos on a screen up to 100 inches and can be plugged into almost any device.

Convenient Wireless Charging pad

Yes, you can give them a standard charging cable, but a wireless charging pad is unquestionably cooler and more convenient. You might want to consider Anker’s wireless charger, which is one of the most affordable on the market and would make a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift.

Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

This cool tech gift makes it simple for your beach lover to bring their music to the beach. You can test out the Bose quality Bluetooth speakers embedded in the frames, enabling them to make and receive calls while keeping their eyes protected.

Nintendo Switch Lite

It’s designed for handheld play and is ideal for someone who is stuck inside on the couch for a long period of time. Virtual visits from your friends can be arranged with games like Animal Crossing, which helps to alleviate loneliness. In addition, this is an excellent choice for people who are quarantined with children.

Sleep Mask with Built-in Headphones

You need complete silence while your partner watches TV or listens to a feel-good playlist, an informative podcast, or the sound of crashing waves to fall asleep. Does this ring true to you? We understand, which is why we recommend including this eye mask on your holiday shopping list: it comes with built-in Bluetooth headphones and can play for up to 9 hours, making it a gift for both you and them.

Kishi Mobile Game Controller

If you have a friend who is addicted to their phone and is playing mobile games, they should be doing it right—not in terms of high scores, but in terms of an intuitive, ergonomic control pad for their phone that beats the hell out of swiping.