Zak Brown Highlights McLaren's Cost-Cutting Measures, Takes a Swipe at Red Bull

Zak Brown Highlights McLaren’s Cost-Cutting Measures, Takes a Swipe at Red Bull

McLaren CEO jokes about reducing catering bill to comply with cost cap regulations

In a lighthearted jab at rival team Red Bull, McLaren CEO Zak Brown revealed that one of the first steps his team took to adhere to Formula 1’s cost cap regulations was to reduce their catering expenses. Catering became a topic of controversy surrounding the cost cap last season when it was partly blamed for Red Bull’s minor overspend of the 2021 budget, resulting in penalties for the team.

Red Bull faced a $7 million fine and a 10% reduction in wind tunnel testing as a consequence, leaving other teams wary of potential penalties when the financial results of the 2022 season are released later this year.