Zak Brown Highlights McLaren's Cost-Cutting Measures, Takes a Swipe at Red Bull

Zak Brown Highlights McLaren’s Cost-Cutting Measures, Takes a Swipe at Red Bull

McLaren CEO jokes about reducing catering bill to comply with cost cap regulations

Speaking to the media, including, Brown jokingly stated, “First thing we did was we reduced our catering bill! We had some inefficiencies in our spending.” While making light of the situation, Brown explained that McLaren made tough decisions to streamline their expenses. Previously, McLaren had been renting wind tunnels, which incurred higher costs compared to operating their own facility. By making adjustments and redirecting funds to more efficient areas, McLaren aims to stay within the cost cap.

Brown also revealed that McLaren is commissioning a new wind tunnel, set to become operational in the second half of this year. Despite the financial challenges, the team has made significant investments in new technologies that offer improved cost-efficiency, allowing them to allocate resources to additional staff.