Zak Brown Credits Leadership and Teamwork for McLaren's Remarkable Turnaround

Zak Brown Credits Leadership and Teamwork for McLaren’s Remarkable Turnaround

McLaren’s remarkable turnaround in the 2023 Formula 1 season, from a struggling start to a position of strength, has left CEO Zak Brown full of praise for the collective efforts of the team. He specifically commended Team Boss Andrea Stella and the entire leadership team for their contributions.

At the beginning of the season, McLaren faced a challenging situation with a less competitive MCL60. The team had accumulated only 17 points in the first eight races, languishing near the bottom of the Constructors’ Championship. However, through a steadfast commitment to a concept change and a well-executed upgrade plan, McLaren has transformed their car into one of the grid’s top performers, with 155 points collected over the following eight races, bringing their total tally to 172.