YouTube Premium has debuted a new AI feature, and you may just want to subscribe

If you are a subscriber of YouTube Premium, you may have tried out some of YouTube experimental features, and that is one the best perks of the premium tier. Out favourite feature is the ability to zoom into the video, which is really cool and sometimes, you may spot a few extra details that you may never have seen in your favourite video. Experimental features testing comes in addition to ad-free video and picture in picture capabilities.

Now, it looks like YouTube has started seeding a new experimental feature, and it is AI-based. The new feature allows you to converse with an AI-chatbot and ask it any questions you may have about the video you are watching. On select videos (at the moment), you will see an ‘Ask’ button below the name of the channel and tapping it will open up a chat window. Here, you can converse with the chatbot and ask it any questions pertaining to the video. If you can’t frame the sentence, you can use one of the preset prompts.

You can even ask the chat bot to recommend videos similar to the one you are watching. Keep in mind, this feature is still experimental so there may be situations where the recommendations are a bit off, in which case, you can just thumbs down the recommendation, which will be a feedback that YouTube will use as feedback and improve recommendations going forward.

This feature is truly revolutionary and will surely be a game-changer for video consumption, and YouTube hopes that this new feature will spur more people to subscribe to the Premium tier and try out this feature. Keep in mind that this feature will only be available for trial till the 15th of December, 2023.