YouTube has now made the process of starting an AMA much simpler

YouTube now includes a Live Q&A tool that allows you to hold dedicated question and answer sessions during livestreams.

When you start a Q&A as a creator, your prompt appears as a pinned message at the top of your stream’s conversation, and viewers may then submit their questions. When you locate a subject you’d want to discuss, you may pin it so that it’s prominently displayed and everyone knows what you’re replying to. To proceed, pin another question, and it will replace the one at the top of the list. When you’re through with the Q&A, you may return to a regular chatroom.



This specialised Q&A tool might be a valuable approach for artists to engage in direct interactions with their viewers. Previously, they’d simply have to address questions as they came in, but viewers who came in mid-Q&A would not know what was happening on or what question the streamer was replying to. Allowing streamers to pin cues and questions may help such Q&As go more smoothly.

As YouTube continues to develop its livestreaming platform in order to compete with Twitch, it has introduced a variety of features to make its conversations more appealing to broadcasters. Super Chats, which allows viewers to pay to have a pinned remark, and Super Thanks, which is essentially a tip, are among the new features. Live Q&A does not immediately assist a streamer make money, but if a viewer feels heard during a Q&A, they may tip the streamer later on.