Your Guide to Purchasing a Billboard in Las Vegas

Your Guide to Purchasing a Billboard in Las Vegas

The Strip certainly pulls in a different crowd than somewhere like the Henderson area, and this is why it’s occasionally called an “adult’s playground” in conversation.

If you’re looking to advertise in Las Vegas and get a large number of eyes on your campaign overnight, The Strip is a very good place to look. The streets and sidewalks are packed with people excited to go shopping, partying, and gambling. Sometimes, they do all of that in just one night!

However, many people will go to The Strip for only a day or two before heading home, meaning it could be difficult to reach the highest levels of brand awareness and familiarity here. Especially if your audience is so much more likely to be intoxicated here than in other parts of town.

It should also be known that, because of the high exposure levels to so many eyes, the prices of these Las Vegas billboards can be pretty steep compared to other areas of the city.


Do Your Research

Not only should you be researching the best places to place your ads depending on your demographics, but you should also be researching and vetting the billboard company or companies you decide to work with on your campaign.

Odds are, especially if you want to maximize your success and run a more long-term campaign, you’re going to be in conversation with this company for a while.