Your Guide to Purchasing a Billboard in Las Vegas

Your Guide to Purchasing a Billboard in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for Las Vegas billboards in the Henderson area, your ads will likely be amongst locally-owned restaurants instead of larger chain eateries. Additionally, while there are some parties in Henderson, they’re pretty small in scale.

And, to top it all off, Henderson is the location of the Clark County Museum.


Henderson is certainly not what you would describe as typical Las Vegas, and definitely not from this description. While Las Vegas isn’t called home by very many, this is where many Las Vegas families can be seen spending their time.

This comes with the positive aspect of your Las Vegas billboards ad campaign meeting the same eyes more than once, and possibly for longer periods of time. That’s especially the case if you decide to keep your billboard ads up for a while, certainly helping you into sustainable levels of long-term growth in terms of brand awareness and potential customers.


The Strip

When most people think about going to Las Vegas, they’re really thinking about hitting The Strip. This is the area that many would consider being quintessential Las Vegas, brimming with loud casinos, expensive hotels, luxurious and exclusive parties, and awe-inspiring neon lights.